Pastor Logan Wolf, Th.M., CrossPoint Church, Taylorsville and Provo, Utah

We’ve been using NewMoversList.com for almost five years now and it has become a key component of our outreach efforts.We regularly see first-time guests in our services as a result of the simple invitation they received in the mail.

It has been exciting to connect with these families! In fact, last night our church started a new small group and two of those in attendance had started coming to our church two months prior because of the letter we sent them.

If you’ve never tried using new mover names, I encourage you to do so!



Are You Looking for More Qualified Prospects and Improved Response to Your Marketing Efforts?

Hi, my name is Mike Shields. Since 1998 I have specialized in helping all types of businesses and organizations personally welcome new residents to the community in an affordable, cost effective manner. 

Why Target New Movers?

Hundreds of businesses nationwide currently purchase a new mover list from my company each and every month. These businesses know that reaching out to new people in their local community is a phenomenal way to grow and expand their customer base. They also know that a quality mailing list of new movers, combined with affordability and great service, is a difficult thing to come by.

Let me be clear about one thing - I am passionate about what I do. My promise to you is to provide you with the most accurate, timely, and cost effective mailing list of new movers available anywhere on planet earth. That’s why you can be assured that the new mover names you receive from me are from the freshest and most reliable sources.

Mailing Lists Tailored to Meet
Your Needs

Each list can be tailored to your companies individualized needs by adding unique geographic and demographic filters, such as estimated household income and elimination of apartments. This will allow you to maximize your advertising dollars to their fullest potential.

How You Benefit

Because I purchase large quantities of leads from my sources, I’m able to pass a significant discount on to you. The bottom line? When you purchase a new movers list from me you can be 100% confident that you are getting a top quality mailing list at an extremely competitive price.

Furthermore, I guarantee to provide you with what is almost non-existent in today’s fast paced electronic world. I’m talking about first class, kick-butt customer service. Believe it or not, if you call my office, chances are I’ll personally answer the phone. In the rare case when I’m not available, I’ll return your call (or email message) within a few short hours.

A Real Person Serving Real People
Like You

My telephone number, right here in Fredericksburg, Virginia, is 540-657-1737. Since I take all calls personally, you can bet that any questions or concerns will be handled promptly and thoroughly.

Thank you and have a blessed day.